Our oceans are full of plastic pollution, some of which gets washed upon beaches all across the globe. Cleaning that plastic off the beaches near my home is the core of my practice as an artist.

I am just one person in a growing global network of people who, individually or in groups, take responsibility for both cleaning plastic off beaches and reducing the amount of plastic that reaches the sea in the first place. We can do this by picking up plastic and other litter wherever we see it – at the beach, in the park or on the street. 80% of the plastic in our seas comes from land, so with this simple act we can make a huge impact.



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  1. This is great, if everyone made more of an effort to take their rubbish home, the beaches would not be so dirty and your work would be so much easier!! Well done Claire!

  2. Hey Clare!

    Wow… our visions are very similar 🙂 Mine comes from this simple thought about how there are so many people making really impactful individual efforts: “What would it be like if we could come together? What kind of difference could we make together versus being one person?”

    There is something so inspiring and motivating being able to connect to people who are doing the same thing– simple acts that make a huge difference in our world 🙂 Connecting to the global community (network) means that no longer are we individuals… we’re a team… and that’s pretty rad 🙂

    “Individually we are one drop, together we are an ocean.”

    Thank you so much for cleaning up your beaches 🙂


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  4. I thought of you and all your beach clearing work yesterday when I was at Strangles Beach. There was a bit of boat rubbish washed in from the sea along the shore in places, but much of it was large and needed a bit of planning to haul back up the fairly steep path out. Maybe I could join you and your clean up crew sometime and make a trip there in the future. Thanks for all you do.

  5. Very well done you, I’m so impressed and pleased that you care. I so love our wonderful Cornish beaches and find it very depressing when they are littered with plastic. We try to keep our plastic consumption to a minimum, but we’re not so great at picking up litter.

  6. together we can change the world… so awesome to see so many people around the world actually doing something (getting their hands dirty) to make a difference for all of us, our future and our precious planet… Keep it up Clare and your friends, you are all truely an inspiration for others to follow your example… greetings, Eef

  7. Hi Clare – welcome to Victoria. I’ve recently returned to the B.C. coast, most recently from Brighton, U.K. The plastic in our oceans is a tragedy. It’s great what you’re doing. Let’s meet and clean a local beach together :).

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