wrapping in the mall

photo by Goolita Wadia-Shave

photo by Goolita Wadia-Shave

Over the weekend I left my artist’s bubble – and the beach – and went to the mall. I had entered a couple of photographs to the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria’s annual LOOK show, and was asked if I would like “to give a demonstration”?

So here I am with my table set up for wrapping, talking (as usual!) with Jennifer, who was running things for the day. The show is an Aladdin’s cave of art in two empty shops on the 3rd floor of the Bay Centre in downtown Victoria. And I had plenty of “customers” wander in and do some wrapping.


Here’s Goolita, who was volunteering for the day, holding her wrapped thingy, and standing next to her lovely painting of a doorway.

Also volunteering, was Verna, http://www.vernastone.com/artist.php?xyz=1551 who wrapped a piece of nylon mesh:


Lots of people stopped to look at my wrapped pieces of beach debris and talk, particularly families with kids. Whilst the adults all got the idea of transforming trash into something special by wrapping it, the kids were attracted by the brightly coloured wools in my basket. They all thought carefully about which piece of beach debris to wrap, and they all picked up the knack of wrapping quickly, regardless of age.





This time, everyone got to take their new treasure home. And I had time to wrap a few new pieces myself.





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