curiouser and curiouser

Delve into the world of litter and rubbish – on and off the beach – and you soon find yourself in a strange, parallel world occupied by unknown people who leave curious reminders of their presence.

We all recycle. And some of us religiously rinse and squash flat any plastic bottles we throw into the recycling bin. Likewise, on the beach, we regularly find empty bottles squashed flat, concertina style:

This involves removing the bottle top, squashing the bottle and then replacing the top, so the bottle stays squashed. After all that work, the person who did this then opted to simply leave their bottle behind!



More apparently pointless effort is revealed by this carefully folded and knotted wrapper:

And here’s another one I found around the corner from my home:

Others take a little more care to show off their handiwork when leaving things behind. This wall in Falmouth has a fine collection of cans and crisp packets stuffed into it:

Back to the beach, here is a pile of rubbish carefully left in a depression by the side of a path:

This is in quite an out of the way spot. Maybe whoever left it behind thought nobody would notice.  Whereas the person who left the following offending article really has no shame at all at leaving their, or I should say their dog’s, crap behind:

I found this just on the town beach, just three days after dogs were allowed back on the beach after the end of the summer season. Note the dog poo bin, helpfully provided by the council, just eleven paces away!



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