where’s the rubbish, part 2

It’s everywhere, is the answer. Even on the beaches that get cleaned by the local council.

Take Swanpool, for example. A local beach popular with families, it’s small and has a cafe and loos and a bouncy castle. And every day someone from the council comes and empties the rubbish from one of the two bins on the beach.

Which, incidentally, look like this:



photo by Jan Nowell

Yes, here I am, stuffing plastic into a dolphin. It’s so ironic, I honestly don’t know wether to laugh or cry.

Anyhow, Swanpool is, for the sake of argument, a clean beach (at least during the summer season.) And yet ….. crossing the beach as I walked the coastal path the other day, and without actually looking for anything or diverting from my path, I picked up this little pile of plastic stuff:

Not a whole lot – it all fit in my pocket. But imagine how much I would have found if I had been looking, and over the whole beach.


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