Let’s get cleaning!


Welcome to my blog and thanks for visiting. On these pages I’m going to track my experiences picking up (mostly) plastic rubbish from the beaches near my home town of Falmouth, UK. Those plastic bottles, cigarette buts and crisp packets; those nests of fishing line and nets and heavy-duty plastic ties; those lighters and tampon applicators. You may have noticed them when you go to the beach. I pick them up.

You may ask why I bother? It’s simple: I’m completely obsessed by it. I didn’t choose this job – it chose me, and now I see plastic debris everywhere – the water bottle or candy wrapper on the street or in the playground that everyone walks by? I pick it up. I can’t walk by anymore.

I’ve been cleaning beaches for over about a year and it’s been something of a roller-coaster. On the one hand it feels good to know I’m removing plastic from the ocean. On the other hand, every week there’s more on the beach. And even when I bring it home and recycle what little I can and dispose of the rest in my household rubbish, how do I know that some or all of it doesn’t just blow back into the sea?

So join me on this ride, and let me know what you think. And if you see a water bottle on the beach and decide to pick it up and recycle it – I thank you and ask you to let me know about it!



2 thoughts on “Let’s get cleaning!

  1. So glad you posted to my site and that I’ve discovered yours! I read in your writings so much of what I feel walking my own beach week after week. Thanks for what you do.

  2. How sweet of you! I have the same spirit. I cannot understand why people litter, do not recycle and do not love the earth as we do. I live in Jacksonville, Florida and pick up trash on the beach as I do in my neighborhood and others and have in the past on the streets of Philadelphia, where I am from, and have even picked up plastic and trash on beaches in the S. Pacific. I am just not as artistic and scientific as you. I try to recycle as much as I can. Take care!

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